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Research Report | The upgrade of AI servers and laptops has driven the demand for high-capacitance MLCCs, and the average selling price of suppliers has increased

Global Semiconductor Watch 2024/07/10 13:44

According to the latest research by TrendForce, the demand for AI server orders grew steadily in the first half of this year, and NVIDIA's next-generation Blackwell GB200 servers and WoA AI-enabled laptops entered the mass production and shipment stage in the third quarter.

According to TrendForce, due to the high quality requirements of AI servers and the fact that Windows on Arm (WoA) laptops of various brands rely mainly on Qualcomm public designs, the usage of high-capacitance MLCCs is as high as 80%. As a result, Japanese and Korean MLCC suppliers, which have a large number of high-capacity items, will be the main beneficiaries.

On the other hand, due to the high unit usage of GB200 high-capacitance standard products, taking GB200 system motherboard as an example, the total consumption of MLCC is not only doubled compared with that of general-purpose servers, the consumption of more than 1u accounts for 60%, the high-temperature resistance of X6S/X7S/X7R is as high as 85%, and the total price of MLCC on the system motherboard has also doubled. Extended from the existing 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

In addition, the WoA notebook, which shined at Computex this year, still uses 1,160~1,200 MLCCs despite adopting a reduced instruction set (RISC) architecture (ARM) design architecture that is known for low energy consumption, which is close to the amount of Intel's high-end business models. The capacity specification of MLCC under the ARM architecture has also been improved, of which the amount of MLCC above 1u accounts for nearly eighty percent of the total consumption, resulting in the total price of each WoA laptop MLCC greatly increased to US$5.5~6.5, and the material cost has risen, which has also increased the price of WoA laptop terminals, with an average price of more than US$1,000.

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