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Exclusive|Zhang Xiaolong's "second card": WeChat quietly launched AI search

Zhou Tian Financial Technology 2024/07/09 15:58

Zhou Tian Financial Technology, Exclusive|Zhang Xiaolong's "Second Card": WeChat quietly launched AI search

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Original production by Zhou Tian Finance

Recently, when searching for a few questions, I stumbled upon WeChat's search for a search in grayscale to test AI to generate answers, such as searching for who is the NBA's best rookie and best rookie, and will use AI to integrate multiple information sources, generate conclusions for me, and ask internal classmates, this is the direction that WeChat students have been working on recently, and there is not much external publicity at present, and the "stealing feeling" is very heavy, which is in stark contrast to the high profile of mixed yuan and ingots.

But in fact, WeChat is moving under the water.

Zhou Tian Finance exclusively learned that search is the second card currently played by Zhang Xiaolong, the head of WeChat, and "attaches great importance to it", and its weight within WeChat is second only to the video account, which is praised by Ma Huateng as the hope of the whole village.

"In 2024, WeChat will become more aggressive in the search business, and Zhang Xiaolong will honor the story he told to the general office." An industry source close to Tencent told Zhou Tian Finance that in the first half of 2024, there will be a large number of personnel changes and adjustments in Tencent's search business.

WeChat insiders revealed to Zhou Tian Finance that WeChat search should be aggressive to generate income, and the premise is that the experience must be accessible. Zhang Xiaolong's focus is to do a good job in the experience of encyclopedia and image search, and will also increase the exploration of AI products.

WeChat insiders revealed a new trend to Zhou Tian Finance: In a certain month in the first half of 2024, Zhang Xiaolong integrated the search teams of other departments to join WeChat, for example, hundreds of people from PCG (the business group where QQ is located) were recruited to the WeChat search team, almost half of the people in the business were taken away.

Note that it is an establishment.

What did so many people do? According to insiders, on the one hand, it is to provide capability support for the search box of the video number. On the other hand, it's about doing things related to large models.

At present, from the perspective of the actual user experience on the user side, the generated results of AI search can effectively distinguish the semantic difference between newcomers and rookies, and the completion of the experience can be felt to be relatively high.

However, after a few days, when I searched for the same question again, I no longer provided AI-generated answers, which can be seen that WeChat is cautious and repetitive.

Compared with WeChat's cautiousness, Tencent's more high-profile AI level is the mixed yuan and ingots that CSIG's cloud computing department is pushing hard. On May 30, 2024, Tencent launched an independent APP based on the hybrid model - Yuanbao, whose product design is simple, and there is only one search box on the first screen. The intention of using AI search to get a piece of the pie from Baidu's plate is obvious.

On July 1, Tencent Yuanbao announced the launch of the in-depth search function. Provide more structured answers, and simultaneously generate content outlines, mind maps, and related people and events to help users understand the search content in a panoramic way.

At present, it is not certain whether WeChat search uses the ability of mixed yuan, looking at the recent interview with the person in charge of mixed yuan, it seems that there is no mention of WeChat search and one search. Liu Yuhong, vice president of Tencent Cloud and head of Tencent's hybrid model, revealed in an interview with Geek Park that many internal products of Tencent Meeting, Docs, and WeChat reading AI assistants are already being used (Mixed Element), and in addition to API access, some businesses will be fine-tuned. At present, there are nearly 700 businesses within Tencent that are connected to Mix, which is basically used by all of Tencent's businesses.

Liu Yuhong mentioned that he is very cautious about interacting with WeChat at present, and he said that he has been interacting with the WeChat team. For example, if you want to share something that is well used in ingots to WeChat, or send a file in WeChat, can you open it with ingots? These interactions, and the WeChat team are discussing how to do it better. But because WeChat users are very large, any small change may affect the experience of hundreds of millions of people, so it is very cautious.

As far as AI search is concerned, a new army is starting to emerge on the market. A few days ago, even Ye Jun, the president of DingTalk, who rarely talked about search, also publicly complained about Baidu's search business at the Yabuli annual meeting, he said that Baidu searched out, almost all of them were advertisements, Ye Jun's statement, to some extent, also showed the strategic intention of DingTalk's search business, new and old giants have entered, or low-key or high-profile, but also let an old track, re-lively, the first explosive application in the era of large models, It's already clear.

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