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Robots "encircle" large models, and AI empowers thousands of industries

Fun about business 2024/07/08 18:10

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Promote sharing through consultation, and promote good wisdom through good governance.

Author | Liu Yujie

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In Shanghai at the beginning of July, it was hotter than the temperature, and it was a "flare" formed by the centripetal focus of artificial intelligence. For four consecutive days, a physical space representing the handover of reality and the future was crowded with technology companies from home and abroad.

This year's World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2024) will have 1,300 global leaders, exhibitors and groups from more than 50 countries and regions, including 9 Turing Award, Fields Medal and Nobel Prize winners, and 88 top academicians at home and abroad. The exhibition area exceeded 52,000 square meters, more than 500 well-known enterprises participated in more than 1,500 exhibits, and more than 50 new products made their debuts, all of which reached the highest level in history.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

With the theme of "Promoting Sharing through Consultation and Promoting Good Intelligence through Good Governance", the conference focused on the three major sectors of core technology, intelligent terminals, and application empowerment, and focused on the development of large models, computing power, robots, autonomous driving and other fields.

01. "Mold" empowers thousands of industries

In the year when application-level large models are moving towards commercialization, finding their own tracks and creating explosive scenes has become a way for large models to "show their muscles"; It is no longer like last year, when the industry's focus was mainly on the basic model, which even led to the phenomenon of "running scores and brushing the list", and the slogan of "surpassing GPT4" has also emerged in endlessly.

Entering 2024, the application and commercialization of large models have become the focus, and Robin Li, the founder of Baidu, said bluntly at the conference forum, "Without an application, there is a basic model, whether it is open source or closed source, it is worthless."

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Tencent showcased the hybrid model and a variety of AI applications, such as Tencent Yuanbao and Tencent Yuanqi, covering scenarios such as work efficiency improvement and life entertainment. According to "Fun Solution Business", Tencent's hybrid model has been tested in nearly 700 Tencent's internal businesses and scenarios. In addition, Tencent also showcased applications such as digital intelligent humans and digital intelligent holographic cabins in the medical industry, leading the intelligent upgrade of enterprise services by quickly creating intelligent, image-like, and interactive "digital intelligence clones".

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Vimi, the first controllable character video generation model created by SenseTime for C-end users, was selected as the highest honor of WAIC exhibition and display, "Treasure of the Town Hall", and became one of the most innovative exhibits of this conference. According to "Fun Solution Business", Vimi is based on the powerful ability of SenseTime's new large model, and can generate character videos consistent with the target action through only a photo of any style, and supports a variety of driving methods, which can be driven by various elements such as existing character videos, animations, sounds, and texts.

Since 80% of short videos and live broadcasts are currently based on people, it can be said that Vimi provides a just-needed creation tool for C-end video creators.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

In addition to Ali Tongyi, Baidu Wenxin, Tencent Mixed Yuan, and iFLYTEK Xinghuo, which were born with the golden key of Dachang, Bilibili, Zhipu AI, MiniMax, Step Xingchen, Face Wall Intelligence and other "new force" large models have also attracted a lot of attention.

Bilibili's self-developed large language model series was exhibited for the first time at the WAIC conference, including the open-source Index-1.9B chat and Index-1.9B character models; It supports a variety of applications such as knowledge Q&A, copywriting, logical reasoning, code generation, etc., and can generate B station attribute content with different styles according to different settings. Bilibili also showcased a number of self-developed AI technology achievements and AIGC multiple ideas, including the latest customized AI voice library, self-developed audio and video model Bijian Studio, and self-developed AI dynamic comic technology.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

With a "family" of general-purpose large-scale models and a company dedicated to multi-modal fusion, Step-1.5V multi-modal large-scale model was launched at this conference: Step-2 trillion-parameter language large model official version, Step-1.5V multi-modal large model, and Step-1X image generation large model. Since its official announcement in March this year, the Step series of general large models has achieved comprehensive progress from 100 billion parameters to trillions of parameters, from language models to multimodal models, and from understanding to generation in just about 100 days. With the innovation of the Step series, Step Star has won the title of WAIC 2024 SAIL Star.

Dr. Jiang Daxin, Founder and CEO of Step Leap Star, said: "To climb the peak of AGI, 'trillion parameters' and 'multi-mode integration' are indispensable. The trillion-parameter scale is the basic threshold for achieving AGI; Multimodal large models are the only way to AGI. ”

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Different from the "100 model war" at WAIC last year, after a year, this year's exhibition is more about the application of large models in specific scenarios; Among them, medical care, education, and government affairs have become key targets.

At this conference, Baichuan Intelligent showcased its R&D progress in the past year, including four open-source large models and seven closed-source large models, as well as its public-facing AI application "Baixiaoying".

Baichuan Intelligence also brought its latest breakthroughs in general medical enhancement models and AI medical applications; On this basis, the AI medical application developed by Baichuan Intelligent - AI Health Consultant was also displayed to the public for the first time. The AI health consultant is built based on Baichuan Intelligence's general medical enhancement model.

According to Wang Xiaochuan, founder and CEO of Baichuan, Baichuan will focus on exploring and making breakthroughs in the direction of AI medicine in the future.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

The combination of "large model + education" is hot in the industry, and the large models of various education verticals continue to be applied. At this year's WAIC, many companies such as NetEase Youdao, Ape Power Technology, and Xueersi have "showed" their latest achievements in the field of education vertical models.

NetEase Youdao showcased its latest AI learning hardware "Youdao Dictionary Pen X7", which was "fully armed" with two blockbuster native applications of the Ziyue education model - virtual oral language private teacher Hi Echo and AI general tutor Teacher Xiao P. In addition, the first highly integrated intelligent sports terminal "Youdao Fun Dynamic Screen" application based on the "Ziyue" education model made a stunning appearance, demonstrating the integration and innovation of NetEase Youdao in education technology.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

After passing the large-scale model filing in May this year, Monkey Power Technology for the first time demonstrated the educational product "Family Bucket" based on its self-developed large-scale model through WAIC, including domestic education service products such as Flying Elephant Planet, Ape Programming, Little Ape Learning and Training Machine, and Dolphin AI, as well as its two AI education products CheckMath and LeapMath. According to "Fun Solution Business", the large model technology of Monkey Power Technology has covered application scenarios for family education such as dialogue tutoring, oral sparring, and reading comprehension, as well as homework correction, learning situation analysis, Q&A tutoring, and other educational application scenarios that serve the government and schools.

Xueersi brought the two main products of Chapter 9 model and Xueersi learning machine to the show, showing the latest application achievements and future prospects of artificial intelligence in intelligent learning hardware and product applications.

The government affairs scenario is now becoming an important area for the commercial implementation of large models.

In this WAIC, Kingsoft Office disclosed for the first time the 13B-level self-developed government affairs model - Kingsoft Government Office Model 1.0. The model is good at official document writing, and can write five types of official documents, including notices, requests, speeches, notices, and plans.

Kingsoft Office has also launched the corresponding WPS AI government version, which can improve the efficiency of internal office processes through AI, and can also empower external service systems, and realize functional services such as asking policies, asking matters, and asking results in external service systems such as government services.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Mido released the Honeynest Government Affairs Model 3.0, and brought more than 20 application scenarios such as government hotline, government affairs intelligent Q&A, judicial document proofreading, law enforcement document assisted writing, intelligent escort, and promotional manuscript assisted writing.

Hanwang Technology, which is known for its digital reading technology and smart e-paper book products, also demonstrated its professional in-depth capabilities in nine industries, including ancient Chinese, office, and education, and successfully applied it to benchmark enterprises such as national libraries and large state-owned banks.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Hu Shiwei, co-founder and president of 4Paradigm, said that AI milestones often cause the public to overestimate the short-term value of technology and the trough of long-term value, resulting in the ensuing silence, but these technologies will slowly precipitate into a new type of infrastructure of "artificial intelligence + thousands of industries". As a result, 4Paradigm's Prophetic AI platform is also committed to solving high-value problems in the industry, such as the future operating status of unit components in the hydropower equipment industry, and the future risk assessment of the financial industry.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Compared with last year's "100 model war", this year's WAIC may be more appropriate to describe it as "blooming separately". Nowadays, AI is rapidly penetrating into various application scenarios and deeply integrated into production, operation and personal life.

02. The era of embodied intelligence has arrived

According to the statistics of "IT Orange", the financing amount in China's robotics field will reach 24 billion yuan in 2023, including 4 investment events of the billion yuan level. In the past six months, there may be about 100 domestic embodied intelligence companies that are "emerging".

Among the manifestations of embodied intelligence, humanoid robots are the most in line with the public's perception of AGI, and they are also the simplest and most direct physical carrier to liberate productivity in diversified scenarios, so they have become a popular track for embodied intelligence.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

A total of 45 intelligent robots were exhibited at WAIC, of which 25 were humanoid robots. The most eye-catching is the humanoid robot array composed of the "Eighteen King Kongs", which demonstrates the development of the latest robotics technology and embodied intelligence. Among them, some robots are equipped with advanced AI models, which improve the intelligence level and interaction ability of robots, especially in the fields of education, industry and manufacturing, which have attracted widespread attention.

At the exhibition, China's first full-size open-source general-purpose humanoid robot public version machine "Qinglong" was released. Independently developed by Humanoid Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with a height of 185cm and a weight of 82kg, "Qinglong" is also the first open-source humanoid robot in China, leading the open-source trend of embodied intelligence.

At present, the "Qinglong" has 28 active degrees of freedom, which can achieve flexible movement and precise and flexible grasping; It supports four major sports functions, including fast walking, agile obstacle avoidance, steady uphill and downhill climbing, and anti-impact interference, and is an ideal carrier for the development of general artificial intelligence software and hardware.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

The second-generation Optimus humanoid robot brought by Tesla is also one of the focuses of the audience. With the blessing of the AI model, the second-generation robot weighs less than the first-generation and has enhanced body control ability. The joints of the hands move more naturally, and the fingers are equipped with tactile sensors, which can even perform delicate tasks such as catching eggs.

At the booth, Tesla introduced to the media that Tesla is expected to start a limited production of humanoid robots next year, and more than 1,000 Optimus will help humans complete production tasks in Tesla factories; In the future, the cost will be controlled at about $10,000, and the price is expected to be $20,000.

According to "Fun Solution", Tesla is expected to produce more than 1,000 Optimus next year, replacing manpower in Tesla's factory to complete some action training and production.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Fourier Robotics is the first in the industry to achieve mass production and delivery, and has covered more than 2,000 institutions and hospitals from more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The GR-1, a humanoid robot released at WAIC last year, has been upgraded, and the lower limb exoskeleton robot ExoMotus M4 has also been unveiled, which can help patients with lower limb motor dysfunction caused by stroke, spinal cord injury and other diseases to rehabilitate.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

The latest humanoid bipedal robot XR4 "Seven Fairies" Xiaozi developed by MindMinds Robotics was released for the first time at this conference. The 168cm-tall, full-size bipedal robot made of carbon fiber composite materials not only has more than 60 intelligent flexible joints, but can also move at a speed of 3.5 kilometers per hour, and its arms can carry 10 kilograms.

MindMinds is empowered by RobotGPT-powered cloud brains, enabling XR4 to have highly autonomous learning and adaptability, laying the foundation for the wide application of robots in human society in the future.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

In addition, more exhibitors with distinctive design and business layout have also made achievements in R&D and commercialization in the past year through their own innovative forms and industrial scenarios.

As one of the important innovations in the field of smart inspection, the Mover Mini INS distribution room inspection robot made its public debut at this conference. Based on the "cloud-network-terminal" integrated architecture, this customized intelligent inspection robot directly hits the pain points of traditional manual inspection, and provides a one-stop, all-weather, high-precision intelligent solution for the indoor complex environment of the power system.

For the first time, the robot dogs of Lite3 and X3 demonstrated the ability to walk upright and upside down on the spot, and at the same time have the ability to "kick and not fall" anti-interference balance, and rely on AI vision to perceive the random environment to judge the terrain and choose the movement attitude independently.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

In addition, the robot dog itself is also moving towards the road of "intelligent awakening" based on large models, for example, the X30 robot dog can recognize Van Gogh's "Starry Sky" and provide users with professional commentary.

03. "Calculation" enlightens the future

According to "Fun Solution", the compound annual growth rate of China's AI infrastructure market will reach 39.98% from 2022 to 2027, and it is expected that the market will grow to more than 600 billion yuan in 2027. In many tracks such as chips, servers, data centers and equipment, and software services, "little giant" enterprises have now run.

At this year's WAIC, the leading computing power companies in various fields were brought together, and the exhibit matrix covered various application scenarios of "cloud, edge, and end". Focusing on the supply of intelligent computing power, in addition to traditional cloud computing and edge computing, innovative products such as AI-specific intelligent computing centers, high-performance computing (HPC) services, AIaaS (AI-as-a-service), and AI industrialization software have received extensive attention.

Adhering to the product strategy of "AI for All", ZTE brought full-stack intelligent computing infrastructure products to the World Artificial Intelligence Conference with the theme of "Xingdong Intelligence, Intelligence for the Future", including high-performance AI training servers, inference servers, a full range of general computing servers, liquid-cooled servers, distributed storage, high-end multi-control magnetic arrays, and training and pushing all-in-one machines, etc., to create a solid intelligent computing foundation and promote the development of new quality productivity in an all-round way.

ZTE's full-stack, full-scenario, open and decoupled, green and low-carbon intelligent computing solutions and products empower "artificial intelligence+" in multiple dimensions throughout the chain.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Moore Threads, a domestic AI computing solution company exhibiting at WAIC for the first time, released its flagship AI product, the KUAE intelligent computing cluster solution, which has achieved a major upgrade, which has been greatly expanded from the current kilocalorie level to the scale of 10,000 calories.

Moore Threads said that this aims to build a leading domestic general accelerated computing platform that can carry the scale of 10,000 cards and has 10,000-p-level floating-point computing capabilities, and is designed for the training of complex large models at the trillion-parameter level.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Chaoyun, a local manufacturer of data products, ranked among the top 10 server suppliers in China in last year's IDC report, and this time it also showcased its full-stack AI inference ecosystem that is more in line with the actual use scenarios and needs of China.

Among them, it includes a series of training and pushing products such as immersion liquid-cooled cabinets, high-computing GPU servers, OCSP inference servers and multi-functional AI workstations, as well as AIDC interactive cabinets, covering multiple levels from the center to the edge.

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

iSoftStone's one-stop MaaS platform, Tianxuan, can provide enterprises with a large-scale model technology base in today's era of "comprehensive large-scale modeling". In addition, as a leading infrastructure manufacturer, iSoftStone also showcased its digital twin simulation system that integrates AI technology, industrial interconnection AI platform, AI intelligent recognition application, and domestic AI server products based on "Kunpeng + Ascend".

Interesting business, robots "contain" large models, AI empowers thousands of industries

Tiangang Intelligent Computing, a cutting-edge AI intelligent computing trading platform, and its partners demonstrated the innovative application of intelligent computing technology in the fields of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and biotechnology.

Tiangang Intelligent Computing demonstrated its solutions to the core problems of low utilization rate of computing resources and uneven geographical distribution that are common in the intelligent computing industry, and officially launched a new computing power model product - Tiangang Intelligent Computing Trading Platform. This initiative aims to effectively address industry challenges and improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of computing resources through innovative technologies.

In addition, there are Sugon, Schouteng Heli, Digital China, Shenyi Information, Inspur, Parallel Technology, Lanyun and other companies with products unveiled.

Only by laying a good foundation on the computing power system can we support the public's beautiful imagination of AI and make the intelligent products that are applied to the ground better move towards human-machine integration.

04. Make AI "for good"

It is worth noting that this year's conference was renamed for the first time as "World Artificial Intelligence Conference and High-level Conference on Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence". During the conference, there were 10 forums related to global governance, and big names from the United Nations, the United States, France and other parts of the world gathered to discuss the ethics and safety of AI, and try to make AI good through technical means.

Turing Award winner Yao Chi-zhi believes that the risks of AI are more serious than the nuclear issue. Gao Wen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the security risks of artificial intelligence can be considered from three aspects: models, algorithm hardware, and uncontrollable autonomy. Carrying out international collaborative research and talent training is the key to improving the level of AI security.

At the same time of commercial application, it is also necessary to move forward together with the development of technology itself to build a just, safe, and sustainable future intelligent society through the standardization and standardization of industry behavior through AI governance.

At present, a large number of enterprises and institutions around the world have focused on the field of AI governance.

In order to solve data problems such as Chinese corpus governance of large models in AI development, the security and controllability of large models, and the security and controllability of the whole process of vertical classes, Transwarp has increased the research and development of tool platforms, such as the launch of the large model operation platform (Sophon LLMOps) in the Sophon intelligent analysis tool, providing a one-stop large model basic platform.

Ant Group also discussed technology development trends with experts and scholars at its Privacy Computing Forum, and launched the "Hidden Cloud" large-model cryptographic computing platform.

The theme of this year's WAIC conference is "Promoting Sharing through Consultation and Promoting Good Intelligence through Good Governance", which strengthens the focus on global governance and international cooperation in AI. In terms of AI governance norms, many major countries around the world have begun to take action. In November last year, the United Kingdom hosted the first Global AI Security Summit, which was attended by representatives from the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, China, India and other parties. In May this year, the European Parliament approved the European Union's Artificial Intelligence Act, the world's first bill to comprehensively regulate artificial intelligence.

On July 1, the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus the resolution on "Strengthening International Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence Capacity Building" proposed by China, which was co-signed by more than 140 countries.

Globally, AI governance not only shows a trend of frameworks and collaboration, but also a great opportunity for China to actively cooperate with its leading technological advantages.

Nowadays, AI governance is becoming a hot topic, which to some extent symbolizes that the development of AI has reached a new stage. In these AI-driven future scenarios, where is the boundary between the "cyberspace" and the "real physical world", and how to balance the performance and security of AI from the investment of industry, education and research, is a long-term problem involving social development.

There will be high and low commercialization capabilities and potentials of enterprises, but the essence of "artificial intelligence for good" and the position of the domestic market under global AI competition are jointly proved by these manufacturers and the practitioners behind them.

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