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In the era of AI, how can ordinary people keep up?

Bohu Finance 2024/07/04 11:33

Bohu Finance, How can ordinary people keep up with the pace in the AI era?

Source | Bohu Finance (bohuFN)

Author | Chen Ping'an

Bohu Finance, How can ordinary people keep up with the pace in the AI era?

01 Who made money with AI?

Just after the college entrance examination, the hot spot of mathematics has not completely cooled down, and the "large model rushing to the first line of liberal arts" has made its debut and stood on the hot search. The media fed the hot college entrance examination questions to the big models of various families, and finally came to the conclusion that 4 AIs, including bean bags, can rush to the first line of liberal arts.

I don't know what the mood of the liberal arts candidates who just got their scores is, but this is almost a true portrayal of social networks over the past year or so.

You can see AI in any corner of social networks: friends take your photos to generate a dance video of subject three, painters start a discussion about AI-generated pictures, programmers tweet that large models improve their programming efficiency......

This wave is even more pronounced in the secondary market. On the other side of the ocean, AI has become an important growth driver for stock prices. Technology companies, including Meta, Microsoft, Google, etc., have put considerable investment in the AI basket.

Of course, not only abroad, but also the concept of AI in China is also hot, and listed companies have played new tricks with AI. As long as it is related to AI, it always attracts a lot of attention.

However, the wave of AI is fast and urgent, and the personal boat will capsize.

Putting aside Nvidia's repeated sideways behavior at $3 trillion, the prevalence of selling courses alone shows everyone's complex attitude towards AI.

Some time ago, some media searched for keywords on shopping platforms, second-hand trading platforms and social platforms, and they could see relevant tutorials and paid content, with prices ranging from one yuan to one hundred yuan. In the Wensheng video model learning materials sent by a seller, the methods that can be used to make money with large models have been summarized, including selling accounts, selling courses, "shelling" websites, creating scripts, making videos, and so on. There are also sellers who suggest that all the courses on the market are basically "cutting leeks".

Bohu Finance learned that when the Wensheng video model was first launched, some merchants launched a "new AI text generation video model" product priced at 1 yuan and sold hundreds of copies, and even at this moment, the merchant could not provide a model interface.

Whether you are trapped in the stock market or selling a class, it is the consumer who pays. So the question is, in the wave of AI, how can ordinary people avoid unnecessary losses?

02 How do ordinary people keep up with the wave?

There's a long-standing saying on the internet: it's hard to make money beyond what you know.

Take the big model as an example. The characteristics of the large model are that the investment is large, the cycle is long, and the industry has not gone through a priori, and it is not known when the investment will be effective. At present, even mainstream players have not found a way to make a profit, and it is even more difficult for other players. In the words of the famous investor Zhu Xiaohu, he believes in AGI, but he believes in commercialization immediately. This also leads to the fact that those who can keep up with the pace of competition in the industry are most likely large manufacturers. It's easy to see which companies are really competitive and which ones are hot.

So how do you raise awareness?

The first is to read more in-depth reports on the industry. In industries such as large models, which are particularly vertical and have a relatively high reading threshold, there will be no less attention in the industry. On the contrary, there are many reports and research reports on large model companies and model capabilities that are being produced and disseminated every day.

Second, many ordinary people will choose to invest in stocks to chase the footsteps of AI. The key here is that you build your own cognitive model. The productivity revolution brought about by AI is not a relition, but an improvement in efficiency. AI can indeed bring up the stock price of some companies, but dimensions such as financial level, profitability level, moat, and price level are still the key to evaluating a company. And if you want to understand these, in addition to industry reports, the best channel is financial reports.

Bohu Finance, How can ordinary people keep up with the pace in the AI era?

Take Nvidia, for example. Nvidia has seen staggering gains over the past two years, rising more than 33% in January last year, but then in November of the same year, Nvidia recorded another 2.5x increase. In addition to its almost monopoly on computing chips, Nvidia's rise is supported by its financial report data. In the fourth quarter of 2023, NVIDIA's full-year revenue was $22.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 265%, and the quarterly-adjusted gross profit margin was 76.7%, both exceeding market expectations. The stock price opened higher on the day and ended up 16.40%.

But this observation of earnings reports must be linear, and Nvidia's growth from a $10 billion company to a $3 trillion giant is actually traceable. As early as 2016, when AlphaGo appeared, computing power was regarded as an important resource, and at that time, NVIDIA, as a shovel seller, started the road of hurricane. Soon, some institutions began to short NVIDIA, relying on one excellent financial report after another, Nvidia Shengsheng changed the institution from short to long.

However, for us who are accustomed to time fragmentation, it is difficult to access this information in the first place due to the scattered channels of industry reports and research reports. At the same time, long-term tracking of financial reports also means a lot of energy consumption, which is difficult for us to do.

Just like the meaning of AI's existence, finding a good tool can help us do more with less.

Here is a practical tool that can be found in WeChat - Tencent self-selected stocks. As long as you search for "WeChat Stock Trading" in WeChat, follow the "Tencent Self-selected Stocks" official account, and click to enter the "Micro Securities" interface.

Tencent self-selected stocks will update industry news on a rolling basis 24 hours a day, where you can not only provide financial information, timely capture the positive and negative news of the industry, but also set up self-selected stock fluctuation reminders and receive news reminders from the official account as soon as possible.

At the same time, Tencent Selective Stocks also provides investment courses such as beginner introduction and fundamental research to help you form your own cognitive model. On the market page, you can observe the flow of funds and hot sectors; In the self-selected section, you can easily see that you are following the company's price trend and financial situation.

Recently, Tencent Selective Stocks has also launched a learning knowledge to receive instant discount rewards, and if you complete three steps, you will have the opportunity to receive WeChat instant discounts. You can now participate by clicking on the event card at the end of the article or the "Read More" link.

AI will never obsolete you, it's important that you maintain your ability to learn and keep iterating like AI.

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