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The whole house smart tuyere is coming, and these service providers have won

At the forefront of entrepreneurship 2024/07/04 15:29

At the forefront of entrepreneurship, the whole house smart tuyere is coming, and these service providers have won

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Guo Rongmin, who has been in the building materials business in Guangxi for more than ten years, never dreamed that the entrepreneurial road of changing careers to smart home would be so smooth.

Since listening to friends talk about it last summer, he has begun to pay attention to the opportunities in the smart home track. "Affected by the general environment, the building materials business is not as good as before, smart home and building materials are somewhat related, and it is easier to accept. Coupled with the increase in consumers' demand for intelligent and convenient home environment in recent years, I realized that this industry has great prospects. ”

Optimistic about the track is true, real money investment is true, Guo Rongmin, who was originally very cautious, was more cautious in the choice of cooperative brands, he and the team have touched all the smart home brands on the market, and made a comprehensive comparison. Core competitiveness, strong brand endorsement, good ecology and good service are the four major factors for him to choose a cooperative brand.

"Entrepreneurship is a life-and-death story, and carelessness can lead to wasted past and future investments." Hard work pays off. Within 9 months, he opened 14 stores in Guangxi Province, and the team expanded from 3 to more than 60 people.

Gui Kan, who is far away in Guizhou, is a typical technical man. The reason why he chose the smart home cooperation brand is: technology and ecology. He has worked in technical consulting for many years in large factories, and began to start a business in the field of smart home industry in the second half of last year.

"Because I have been paying attention to the frontier of technology, I am very optimistic about the general trend of commercialization of artificial intelligence." In his view, people's lives are actually very intelligent, from the initial smart phones to smart home appliances, and even cars have been intelligent, and it is only a matter of time before home life is fully intelligent.

It is necessary to seize the wind and get on the ship quickly, which is the unanimous view of the two entrepreneurs. In a sense, they also represent the views of most of the 300 franchised service providers in Xiaodu.

But the question is, how to find the "ship"? How do I get on board? When to set sail?

1. From novices to "veterans", entrepreneurs need a "personal coach"

Smart home is not a particularly new industry, the industry has at least ten or even twenty years of history, big brands, small brands and even unnamed brands are in the industry "volume".

Guo Rongmin compared the players in the industry and found that although there are many players, most brands are relatively shallow in the industry, with fewer products, not to mention service quality and ecology, and some brands just treat this industry purely as a manufacturing industry.

"Consumers' cognition is not the same,Some people think that just go online to buy a product,Can be controlled with a mobile phone is a smart home,It is more obvious that it is a smart TV or a cleaning robot,Consumers do not have the ability to DIY independently。 In Guo Rongmin's view, smart home is a very broad concept, and it is by no means a simple one or two products that can be controlled by mobile phones.

Indeed, as he said, in today's rapid development of science and technology, smart home has long been integrated into all aspects of people's daily life, and has become an important part of modern families' pursuit of comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Therefore, smart home is not a single product that exists in isolation, but a complex ecosystem that covers hardware, software, and services, and its realization must rely on close collaboration and innovation among many participants.

From the perspective of subdivisions, smart home at least involves many fields such as intelligent security, intelligent lighting, intelligent home appliances, environmental control, and health management. Each subsystem is composed of many specific products, such as smart door locks, smart lights, smart speakers, smart air conditioners, smart refrigerators, etc. These products are connected through IoT technology to form a smart living environment that can self-perceive, self-learn, and self-learn.

At the forefront of entrepreneurship, the whole house smart tuyere is coming, and these service providers have won

It can be a huge challenge for newcomers to the industry to really get into this complex system. "In particular, we are a cross-industry entrepreneur, and we have only heard about smart homes at first, and we are far from understanding. We have to learn quickly, and if the partner brand is not a 'personal coach', our development will be slower, or even go the wrong way. ”

Of course,This"Personal coach"The ability must be strong——core competitiveness、Brand endorsement、Ecology、Service,Guo Rongmin listed his requirements for brand partners,According to the map,Finally choose to cooperate with Xiaodu Technology。

The technical strength of Xiaodu Technology is obvious to all in the industry. It entered the market from the field of artificial intelligence voice interaction, and is now a core player in the smart home ecosystem. Through Xiaodu,Users can voice control various smart devices at home,Realize the interconnection of smart devices in the whole house,From turning on the lights、Adjust the indoor temperature,To remote monitoring、Intelligent security,Xiaodu Technology's huge user group can enjoy more convenient services。

At the forefront of entrepreneurship, the whole house smart tuyere is coming, and these service providers have won

The second is the sense of trust brought by strong brand endorsement. Xiaodu Technology was born out of Baidu, which is the earliest all-in AI enterprise in China. Therefore, the layout of smart home is earlier, and AI is applied to home scenarios earlier, and finally connects smart home scenarios in a broader sense. "Xiaodu has a very strong brand endorsement,This is a natural foundation of trust for consumers,Our feelings in market expansion are very obvious。 Guo Rongmin said.

At the forefront of entrepreneurship, the whole house smart tuyere is coming, and these service providers have won

And in the ecological direction,Xiaodu technology is very rich。 Public information,All along,Xiaodu has been actively working with all kinds of home appliances、Security、Brands in the field of lighting and other fields to establish cooperative relations,Ensure that its smart speakers and other smart devices can achieve seamless docking with mainstream smart home products on the market。

Finally, on the service. There are two levels here, one is to serve consumers, and the other is to empower service providers. "Xiaodu Technology can be regarded as a personal coach,From store site selection、Decoration、Operation structure,To product training、Personnel training,And then to the equipment solution post-service,The headquarters of Xiaodu Technology has given us very strong support。

Guo Rongmin recalled that after the decision to cooperate in September 2023, Xiaodu headquarters went up to the general manager of national marketing, down to the training teacher, and all kinds of empowered personnel 'flew' to us and taught them hand in hand. "From Beijing to Nanning, they helped us open the store, told us how to communicate with customers, how to achieve better results for products, and how to allocate more reasonable personnel, which made us very moved, and it was the first time we met such a responsible brand."

In addition,Xiaodu whole house intelligence for new partners,Formulated a full-link support policy from store cold start to mature operation。 In terms of marketing, we will help publicity, provide support at the technical level, provide after-sales warranty services, and customize designated preferential policies to reduce the operating costs of partners.

Of course, this service also includes online empowerment. Xiaodu is an Internet company that has a huge online traffic base. "Every month, at least 100 groups of precise family customers are diverted from the headquarters, and the conversion rate is also about 30%." Guo Rongmin said.

Good organization, good people, good solutions, the last benefit must be the consumer.

2. Smart homes need to be extended forward and backward

In the era of the Internet of Everything, no product exists in isolation. This is especially true for smart homes that rely on the Internet of Things.

At the forefront of entrepreneurship, the whole house smart tuyere is coming, and these service providers have won

"Consumers will have a demand for smart homes because of this very small need." Gui Kan said to the "Interface News Entrepreneurship Frontline": "Some customers are more familiar with the small education screen because they have children at home, and usually the children follow their parents to go shopping, passing by our store, and they will affectionately shout 'Xiaodu Xiaodu', and the educational smart screen in the store will answer the interaction." "It's a product intimacy. As a result,They have a very concrete perception of the function of Xiaodu's smart home through voice interconnection。

For families with elderly people at home, their need for smart homes often starts with emergency rescue functions. "There are many consumers like this who choose Xiaodu Technology's whole-house smart home products by solving a pain point."

But the services provided by service providers are still moving forward. Gui Kan has a deep feeling in the more than half a year since the store opened, that is, the whole house intelligent service must be extended forward.

At the forefront of entrepreneurship, the whole house smart tuyere is coming, and these service providers have won

"Our store is in the building materials city, and after some consumers chose us to be responsible for the whole house smart solution, they found that the original lighting design was not necessarily in place. At this time, our designers will give some suggestions to the customer, and will also cooperate with the owner's designer to adjust the plan. Gui Kan said that in many cases, the customer is not satisfied with the plan given by the decoration company, and directly asks us to redesign it according to his needs. We made a cameo role in the role of decoration design.

He believes that the whole house intelligence needs very front-end technology as support, and the sectors involved include intelligent audio-visual, lighting, security and other functional sectors, which are closely related to decoration. These should be taken into account in the decoration design stage, because we can't wait for the decoration to be completed and the ceiling is hung before considering the problem of smart lighting, which will cause the owner to increase the difficulty of decoration, such as the extension of the construction period caused by the rework union, and the effect of not reworking may not reach the extreme. "Based on this situation, from the perspective of the owner, we will extend the service forward, and strive to provide more added value and enhance the experience."

In his communication with Gui Kan, he repeatedly mentioned the word experience. "The experience is very personal, such as whether the switch is well designed, how good the lighting quality is, these are all hardware experiences. During the use of the property, the owner will evaluate whether our whole-house smart solution has achieved the desired effect. For example, in terms of convenience and intelligence, is it the extreme? whether the interconnection between each product is smooth, etc. At this point,Gui Kan believes that Xiaodu has achieved the ultimate,Whether it is hardware upgrades or software ecology,It's constantly iterating。

At the forefront of entrepreneurship, the whole house smart tuyere is coming, and these service providers have won

From this point of view, smart home seems to be a matter of home intelligence, but in fact, it involves all aspects of content, and service providers will extend services based on their own understanding in the specific operation process.

3. What is the secret of being a small whole-house intelligent service provider?

Guo Rongmin and Gui Kan are both cross-border entrepreneurs, after they became a service provider of Xiaodu whole house smart home, they not only avoided the pit of entrepreneurial failure, but also did a good job.

In October last year, Guo Rongmin's first store opened, and the second and third stores were opened the following month. In just nine months, he has opened 14 stores in Guangxi.

Gui Kan chose to create a single-store profit model first and then expand. Like Guo Rongmin, Guikan's first store opened in October last year, and the unit price has stabilized at around 30,000 yuan. After making a name for themselves in the local area, the second and third stores are also in full swing.

When asked why the two entrepreneurs opened stores so quickly, Guo Rongmin said: "Optimistic about this industry, there are reliable brands, local consumers pay for it, the momentum is very good, and we must seize the time to fly faster." ”

And Gui Kan believes that there are two secrets, one is to have brand confidence in Xiaodu Technology, and the other is the spirit of all in. The former lies in the fact that service providers must have confidence in Xiaodu and even Baidu, believing that they have been running ahead of the industry at the level of artificial intelligence commercialization; The second is that after identifying a thing, you must devote yourself wholeheartedly. "If the founder or partner wants to do it part-time, this thing must not be done, and there must be an all-in mentality."

"The technical base built with the Wenxin model as the core will also bring comprehensive improvements to the technology and experience of Xiaodu whole house intelligence in the future." Gui Kan is full of confidence in the technology of Xiaodu whole house intelligence and the future development of small whole house intelligence.

Guo Rongmin has his own understanding of trust. In his view, when the home furnishing industry is difficult, it means that the industry needs new driving forces. "When the traditional building materials industry is not as expected, we must pursue a new track. Smart home from around 2014 to the rise of the era from the reckless period to the era of refined operation, especially after the younger generation of consumers become the main force of home consumption, they have a higher degree of acceptance of new technologies and new things. The market and technology have also matured, and what we have to do is actually choose the right brand, understand it, do it well, and firmly trust it. ”

4. Conclusion

At present, the smart home market has begun to enter the era of whole-house intelligence. IDC predicts that in 2024, the proportion of interconnection platform access in China's smart home device market will reach 76%. In the wave of the fast-growing whole-house intelligent market,Xiaodu whole-house intelligence has once again become the focus of the industry by virtue of"Brain change"Innovation"The big leap of the century",It has become the preferred brand of service providers across the country。

According to public information, Xiaodu has now entered 46 million families across the country, and its offline whole-house smart experience stores have reached more than 300, covering first-tier to fifth-tier cities across the country; At the same time,Xiaodu smart home open platform has been connected to more than 300 million connectable devices,Covering70More categories、More than 1500 brands。

It is foreseeable that Xiaodu whole house intelligence, which has seized the opportunity in the industry, will be immeasurable in the future through close cooperation with service providers.

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