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AI calls for Ma Huateng

Zhang Dongwei 2024/06/25 18:16

In just four days, Nvidia's market value fell by 16%, losing $550 billion.

This scene is familiar.

At the dawn of the Internet era in 2000, Cisco Cisco, as a core network equipment manufacturer, also became the world's most valuable technology company. With the bursting of the bubble, Cisco's market value shrank by 80% in the following year, and today it is an obscure "ordinary enterprise".

The ultimate mining winner in the Internet era is not the network equipment companies or communication operators that "sell water and dig picks", but Google, Amazon, Apple and even Microsoft.

The story of China's science and technology has always been run through by a young man, his name is Ma Huateng.

1. The birth of the penguin

In 1998, 27-year-old Ma Huateng started Tencent in a small office on the 4th floor of Building 2 of Huaqiang North SEG Science and Technology Park in Shenzhen.

Zhang Dongwei, AI calls for Ma Huateng

At this time, Ma Huateng did not dream of building a huge empire that would cover Chinese life in the future, he just wanted to solve the practical problems of a large group of users--- how to obtain stock information cheaply.

In 1989, Xueba Ma Huateng was admitted to the Department of Electronic Engineering of Shenzhen University with an excellent score of 739 points.

In 1993, after graduating from Ma Huateng University, he did not take the postgraduate examination, did not take the examination for editing, and did not take the public examination. He applied for a job in Shenzhen Runxun Communication Development Co., Ltd., a well-known BP machine paging station, began to work as a programming engineer, and has been the director of the development department.

You can't make a lot of money by working part-time, so Ma Huateng also has a side job.

He faced the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the ---market that people in Shenzhen are most concerned about, and developed the "Stock Tyrant Card", and really earned the first pot of gold in his life.

This professional experience also made Ma Huateng clear that the significance of developing software products lies in practicality.

At the end of the 90s, the traditional pager business has been declining due to the rise of mobile phones, how to use the emerging Internet technology to provide free and effective information transmission and interaction?

The OICQ "Web Pager" came into being. Later, due to ICQ's trademark lawsuit, OICQ changed its name to "QQ".

Compared with the contemporaries of Sohu, Sina, NetEase, 8848, etc., Tencent is small and pitiful, and there is no concept of "portal", "e-commerce" and "mailbox", he is just a free gadget, so that young people in Internet cafes can greet each other "Are you a dinosaur" and "I am a frog" between games.

At this time, it was the peak of the Internet bubble, Cisco became the world's most valuable technology company, in the Chinese market, the three major portals, e-commerce, the same city dating and other concepts are dazzling, even China Telecom, China Mobile and other operator channels have also taken off, Beijing Telecommunications Bureau's 263 company just with the concept of email to obtain tens of millions of dollars in financing.

With the Nasdaq reaching its peak of 5,048 points on March 9, and from March 12 all the way down to 1,114 points in 2002, the entire stock market value has evaporated by two-thirds.

8848, Yitang, Duolaimi and other former stars have fallen one after another, and the whole industry has entered a struggling breath.

However, it was during this period that a foreigner named Wang Dawei came to the mainland on behalf of the South African MIH Group to look for Internet investment opportunities.

He noticed that no matter which Internet café he walked to, he could see a penguin's head flashing on every computer screen.

Almost all the Chinese merchants he met had a QQ number printed on their business cards.

And almost all computer users, the first thing to do when the network is successful is to enter the number to log in to QQ.

QQ is the "killer app" that the Internet era dreams of.

Zhang Dongwei, AI calls for Ma Huateng

From 2001 to 2002, when the global Internet industry was at its lowest, MIH successively purchased a 45.5% stake in Tencent from PCCW, IDG and Tencent's main founders for US$34 million, becoming Tencent's largest single shareholder, which also became MIH Group's most successful overseas investment to date. To this end, MIH spun off its Tencent shares exclusively into a separate company, Prosus N.V., to be listed in the Netherlands, directly becoming the first Internet company in Europe with a market capitalization of more than $100 billion.

Pony Ma's more critical value lies in the fact that Tencent's success in QQ has driven the value trend of "application is king" in the entire Chinese Internet industry.

With QQ value-added services as the core application, China Mobile has innovatively launched the "Monternet" model, which has allowed Chinese Internet companies to gain real money and survive with the SP model.

Tencent's unique financing experience also inspired SoftBank to invest heavily in Alibaba, a poor and white company, to support the dream of "making it easy to do business in the world", and it has also become the most successful overseas investment case.

With QQ, the traffic of the whole network finally has a visible entrance, and more entrepreneurs can develop rapidly by participating in Tencent's open platform or by placing advertisements in the QQ system.

Zhang Dongwei, AI calls for Ma Huateng

In the end, Tencent is not only one of the largest technology venture capital institutions, but also an indispensable ecological platform for China's Internet entrepreneurship.

2. The dilemma of AI

There is no doubt that AI will be the next era, and its revolutionary significance is even greater than the advent of the Internet.

Because of this, the initial dilemma that AI is facing now is not only similar to the Internet era, but even more so than the Internet.

"As the world becomes more and more AI-driven, Nvidia will be the most important company for our civilization in the next 10 years." Angelo Zino, an analyst at CFRA Research, recently said that the GPU chip developed by Nvidia will be the most important invention of the century.

But looking back, Intel's introduction of the PC CPU chip must have been one of the most important inventions of the last century.

To this day, Intel's CPUs still dominate the IT world.

Qualcomm dominates mobile chips.

Zhang Dongwei, AI calls for Ma Huateng

However, whether it is Intel or Qualcomm, their market value has not been crazy, in fact, if Microsoft does not release personal computer-based application software, especially the emergence of Windows and Office, Intel can only be unknown for a long time.

Only Microsoft is the long-term king of the stock market.

At one time, it briefly surpassed Microsoft's market capitalization and was Amazon, the best application for e-commerce and cloud computing.

Apple, the darling of the mobile Internet era, it is the perfect combination of hardware + software. The part that has brought it sustained net revenue growth is still software applications.

Today, at the great moment of preparing for the advent of the AI era, the market is suddenly lost.

In the industry, the industry elements of AI are generally summarized into four aspects: computing power, algorithms, data, and scenarios.

Nvidia represents only one of the computing power. For example, Huawei has also developed a set of computing power. Volume hashrate.

Why is there a "100-model war" in China? Volume algorithm.

Interestingly, in this round of AI, the big manufacturers did not choose investment and mergers and acquisitions as the main line, but went down to make large models themselves. The reason for this is because you want to roll up the data.

Volume hashrate, volume algorithm, volume data, and finally volume price.

Now you can use a large model for about free.

However, it is difficult for everyone to know what they are going to do with these large AI models.

Between large AI models, most of them are trying to do math, write articles, draw or make videos.

Recently, it happened to be the period of filling in the college entrance examination, and I remembered a classic kind filling tip:

"Only the second generation of officials and the second generation of rich people go to study sports, art and literature."

What is the difference between an AI product without an application scenario and the PPT written by Jia Yueting?

III. Pony's Responsibilities

Although at present, a small number of enterprises can receive a little money by finding a little application for AI through the 2B service model, such as digital human, digital customer service, factory process optimization, etc.

But this pitiful scale of applications, the scale of revenue, and the productivity expectations that AI represents, are like a hoax.

The AI that ordinary people need is definitely not to write poems and paintings, just as the real use of buying computers back then was not to draw drawings and engage in finance, and the real purpose of going to the Internet was not to write papers and check information.

The Internet really penetrates into the lives of Chinese, the first is Ma Huateng's QQ, the second is Chen Tianqiao's "Legend", and the third is Ma Yun's Taobao.

The mobile Internet (smartphones) has really penetrated into the lives of Chinese, the first is Ma Huateng's WeChat, the second is Tencent's investment in Pinduoduo, Meituan, Didi, and the third is Douyin and Kuaishou.

It's all simple and straightforward human applications.

Even, the key node that allowed Chinese to step into the era of digital economy was the "WeChat red envelope" released by Ma Huateng during the Spring Festival in 2014, which opened up the last mile of the digital economy for the whole society------ "verification and binding card".

Zhang Dongwei, AI calls for Ma Huateng

Science and technology, people-oriented.

The application needs to be based on the needs of the public (latent demand).

In the era of AI, we first need "killer apps" like QQ, WeChat, and red envelopes;

Secondly, we also need a "user traffic entrance" based on the killer application, which can further incubate Didi, Meituan, and Pinduoduo.

Eventually, we hope that the AI models of all major manufacturers will become "basic computing platforms and venture capital platforms".

There are not many entrepreneurs who are well versed in the needs of the public, and many of them have fled to other countries in recent years.

On the occasion of the great changes in AI technology unseen in a century,

Call Ma Huateng, stand bravely at the head of the tide, and do it again!

Author: Zhang Dongwei (Senior Internet Analyst, College Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Mentor ID: donewszhangdw)

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