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China has launched the world's first culinary model

Qubits 2024/06/25 17:20
Xingchi from the capital
of food qubit | Official account QbitAI

What? There are also large models for cooking?!

That's right, this is the latest release of domestic kitchen faucet boss appliances - the "God of Food" model.

Billions of industry data, tens of millions of knowledge graph blessings, it is said to be the world's first.

qubits, China has created the world's first cooking model

It provides a personalized and tailored solution for each individual, not only telling the user how to cook, but also mobilizing all the equipment to help you make the dish.

In addition, in the whole process of accompanying you to cook, it is full of emotional value~

I don't know what to eat before cooking, or I can't do what I want to eat, it tells you more than ten ways to cook, and it also brings the humanistic culture behind the popular science recipes; When cooking, it reminds you of the heat and the ripeness of the meal; A sentence after cooking mobilizes the cleaning equipment, so that you have no worries......

Although the current model of the God of Food has not yet started internal testing, the official saying is that it will be in October, and then it will be officially launched in December, but there have been many highlights at the press conference.

Let's take a look at what it looks like to cook across borders with large models.

What does a cooking mockup look like?

The release of the God of Food model can roughly sort out the following three characteristics:

The first is personalization. The biggest feature of the large model empowerment industry is personalization. Based on the accumulation of massive data, it can provide the needs of thousands of people or even one person. And the large model that focuses on the vertical field of cooking is no exception.

Imagine such a scenario.

When you're out and about, you find a very delicious dish, so you take a photo or write down the name of the dish and want to go home and make it. If it were given to ChatGPT, then it might only give one of the most conventional ways of cooking.

To hand over the God of Food model, you only need to take a photo, it can be recognized, and then according to your usual identity, living habits, and combined with the world's massive cooking data, more than ten methods will be given for you to choose.

In addition to helping you answer your questions, the whole process can also deeply understand your intentions and perceive your emotions through your voice and intonation.

With rational tools and emotional companionship, the cooking model is directly in place in one step.

Then there is integration. Also as an assistant/partner, other large models are mainly to meet the needs of a single point, and the empowerment of the God of Food model is a continuous multi-scenario process——

From the selection of ingredients to the completion of cooking, it involves a complete cooking process, rather than a single separate scene.

The whole process involves the real-time processing of many data, such as temperature, time, care, smell, including the user's emotions, movements, etc.

Based on such characteristics, we come to the third feature of the God of Food model, that is, cross-device collaboration and planning.

This is different from the current large model products, which are still at the software level, and the landing of large models in the physical industry requires multi-modal data perception, multi-modal interaction, and collaborative linkage with multiple devices, which is also reflected in the God of Food model.

In addition to the interaction of mobile phones in text, voice, image and other modalities, they revealed that they will also support video input in the future.

On hardware equipment, they have covered household kitchen appliances such as smoke stoves, steaming and baking, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc., to achieve a full coverage of the entire cooking process.

Even some appliances, including the automatic wok pan, are fully automated, which means that if you don't feel like doing it yourself, it can do it for you with a single word.

However, regarding automation, according to Robam Appliances, it was not their original intention to build a large model.

Cooking creation to meet the personalized needs of users is the more essential reason behind their creation of large models.

Zhou Haixin, senior vice president of Robam Appliances, made an analogy between smart cooking and autonomous driving.

It's a bit like autonomous driving isn't a solution for everyone, and there are bound to be people driving for the thrill of the process. Eventually, it will evolve into a scenario where multiple needs of unmanned driving, partial autonomous driving, and human driving coexist.

Automation is just one scenario in smart cooking to meet the needs of some users.

After all, cooking is also the only creative job in all the home appliance industry. Zhou Haixin said frankly that he didn't want to let such creativity be worn out in the end.

Probably, the joy of cooking, we humans still have to be autonomous and controllable, and don't easily hand it over to machines.

qubits, China has created the world's first cooking model

So, the next question is: how do they build it?

What does the producer say about the principle behind it?

At the press conference, Zhou Haixin revealed three key words:

Industry data, algorithms, and real-world application scenarios. Among them, industry data is the biggest and most core advantage of the God of Food model.

qubits, China has created the world's first cooking model

As we all know, with the gradual prosperity of the open source ecosystem of general large models, the threshold and cost of using large models have gradually decreased, and everyone can use large models to make some applications.

In the process of industry application, data has become a key challenge that must be solved.

In the words of Zhu Xiaoming, a senior engineering expert at Zhijiang Laboratory, the industry's data awareness.

As the absolute leading player in the kitchen appliance industry, Robam Appliances has been deeply involved in the cooking industry for 45 years, and the massive data and knowledge graph accumulated behind this are their incomparable advantages compared with other large factories and enterprises.

They work with the general large model, on the one hand, they have the data of the general large model, and on the other hand, they input their own vertical vector database, including three aspects of data:

Industry commons data such as food laws and regulations, food national standards, culinary culture, etc.; There are also self-developed refined recipe data in the private domain, including specific steps, ingredient ratios, etc., which are associated with equipment and can be directly cooked and restored; There is also a full-link cooking knowledge base covering before, during, and after cooking, such as product knowledge, nutrition and health knowledge, and so on.

At present, they have accumulated billions of kitchen appliance industry data, including billions of document data, hundreds of millions of design documents and picture data, and tens of millions of graph entities and relationships.

Then there are the scene applications, which have two main levels: equipment control and planning linkage, as well as recipe generation and one-click cooking.

What is different is that in addition to the identity of the industry leader, Robam Appliances actually has a strong technical gene, and began to try cutting-edge technology very early.

For example, in 2020, it took the lead in launching the industry's first "unmanned factory" to accelerate the application of 5G, cloud computing, AI and other technologies in the manufacturing industry.

qubits, China has created the world's first cooking model

In 2022, Robam Appliances successively released the world's first digital kitchen appliance equipped with AI cooking technology and the world's first AI cooking assistant - Mr. ROKI.

Their software system ROKI, combined with the digital kitchen appliance system, can realize the linkage and collaborative planning of multiple devices, including equipment knowledge learning, so that the large model can understand the performance and parameter knowledge of various equipment; There are also scene tasks and control instruction learning, so that the large model can master the ability of equipment execution, task planning and reasoning.

If you have mastered the ability of multi-device collaborative control, then combined with the ability of recipe knowledge, temperature perception and other aspects, then recipe generation is no problem~

It is worth mentioning that they have created an AI cooking curve, which applies accurate control of temperature, humidity and other factors to every aspect of cooking. In this way, the cooking process is more precise and efficient, and the taste and nutrition of the food are more certain.

qubits, China has created the world's first cooking model

Next, they will inject more variables into the cooking curve to make cooking a controllable thing.

As you can imagine, when the threshold for cooking is getting lower and lower, you only need to provide an idea, and the rest is done with large models and kitchen appliances. Of course, if you enjoy the cooking process, it is completely OK, it can help you to increase the pleasure of cooking all the way.

At that time, cooking will also have its own creative ecology.

Vertical players unleash the potential of large-scale model applications

Before the release of the God of Food, you may not have thought that the culinary industry will also usher in its own large-scale model moment.

And the scene is really natural, and it is really just needed.

The biggest feature of the large model is personalization, and when it comes to the "food" of the general public, it can indeed be created and created.

It's just that before that, the imagination of large models crossing over into the kitchen is still at the level of embodied intelligence and humanoid robots, and there is still a distance from practical application.

As a result, now the large model can be used for cooking in this way, which is unexpected; And the player behind it is not a large model company, nor a robot company, but a boss electrical appliance, which is also unexpected.

It can be seen that in the solution of Robam Appliances, it is not a simple and crude fine-tuning or fine-tuning of a general large model, but brings many characteristics that are different from the existing large models.

For example, in humanism, large models provide emotional value in addition to their own functional attributes.

In fact, this breaks the boundary between two typical scenarios of large models: one is to reduce costs and increase efficiency of tool-based classes to solve single-point requirements; The other is more reciprocal emotional companionship, but the cooking model directly integrates these two abilities. This is not difficult to understand, after all, cooking is a part of life, it is not rational, but it also carries part of family work.

For another example, a cooking partner does not necessarily have to be a robot, but can also be a full-link device collaboration.

Let the large model, mobile phone AI assistant, and various kitchen appliances be linked, and the cooking partner is every where.

This is like the inside of the science fiction movie "Super Body"~

You can't feel it, but as soon as you open your mouth or take a picture, the whole kitchen is running and working for you.

qubits, China has created the world's first cooking model

In the past, they were talking about large model partner assistants, they were on mobile phones, they were on robots...... But in fact, any terminal device can become your companion, and once they are linked, the whole space will be reshaped, just like the cooking world is being reinvented right now.

This is not only the imagination brought by the God of Food model, but also the imagination brought by the empowerment of the future model in the physical industry.

What brought this imagination was the earliest kitchen faucet boss electrical appliances in China.

I have to sigh that sure enough, the masters are in the people, and vertical players can really give full play to the potential and imagination of large model applications.

They have a deep insight into user needs and have accumulated massive data, which can directly point to where to take the large model, and then bring a new large model application paradigm.

Although the release of Robam Appliances is unexpected, it is also reasonable.

The release of the God of Food model is also a sign that the traditional home appliance industry is ushering in a new round of growth cycle driven by AI.

In fact, this conference was also accompanied by the brand upgrade of Robam Appliances - enjoy creation.

They are redefining cooking with the development route of technology + humanities:

The company has gone from focusing on hardware in the past to integrating software and hardware in the future, and has exported and debuted as a "full-link overall solution provider for cooking"; Products from scale, standardization to personalization; From operating products in the past to operating users now......

In the past, artificial intelligence empowered home appliances, such as a speaker/screen, was often said to be "soulless". And now the arrival of the large model is the real sense of intelligence, for these household appliances "injected soul"

Represented by Robam Appliances, large models are rejuvenating the traditional home appliance industry.

Okay, aside from cooking, what do you think is the next real-life scenario worth developing for a large model? How can we empower others in our daily "food, clothing, housing and transportation"?

Welcome to chat in the comment area~

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